Here at Sir Colin Campbell we pride ourselves on a fantastic range of ever evolving beverages, in our opinion, the best range in Kilburn.

We specialise in gins, ales and cider and have a fine selection of these alongside our awesome craft beer, rum, wine, whiskey and tequila selections.

We have six cask ales lines which are always rotating with independent British beers such as

Dark Star, Redemption, Magic Rock, Thornbridge, Moncada, Wild Beer, Five Points and many more.

Craft beers include the likes of Beavertown, To Ol, Brewski, Pressure Drop, Tiny Rebel, Cloudwater, One Mile End, Brew By Numbers, Siren, Lervig, Buxton; to name a few! Ever evolving to include the hottest new beers around, we’re sure we’ve got the best in the area to offer you.